10:00 am Sunday Mass - December 20, 2020

We are celebrating Mass outdoors. Join us in our Church Courtyard for simple but reverent Mass Services.

The Nativity of the Lord

Christmas Vigil Mass - In our Church Courtyard
3:00 pm, Thursday, December 24, 2020

Following the Vigil Mass the church will be open for Individual prayer. From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Christmas Day Mass - In our Church Courtyard
10:00 am, Friday, December 25, 2020

We are resuming 10:00 am Sunday Mass Outdoors.

Sadly, we are once again being prevented from offering indoor church services due to government restrictions. And so, adhering to the directives given by the Diocese of Oakland we are resuming with a 10:00am Sunday Mass schedule in our church courtyard (until further notice).

More than ever we need to assemble and maintain the importance of our Catholic faith community and the right to publicly worship God on Sunday.

Please join us in our Church Courtyard for simple but reverent Mass services while maintaining diocese directed health guidelines.


Our parish church needs your financial support to continue with our church improvements and being a beacon of light, reconciliation and healing in our diocese. PLEASE be generous with your sacrificial offerings to God and His church. And PLEASE consider making a generous year end donation gift to St. Joseph the Worker!

You can give online here , or mail your check donation to our office at: 1640 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94703

Thank you for your sacrifice and generosity!
Fr. Kenneth Nobrega

Attending Courtyard Mass:

Entrance information
Please enter through the McGee Avenue church parking lot located behind the church. All other entrances including front of church and courtyard will be locked and unavailable. Please note that due to current restrictions the church bathrooms will be unavailable.


Please plan on arriving at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled Mass time to be seated. There will be volunteers to help assist with seating.

All seating will stop 5 minutes before scheduled Mass time.


Per direction of the Diocese we adhere to government COVID-19 guidelines - All must wear a face mask and maintain social distance. If you have a compromised immune system or are unwell, please be safe and stay home.

Watch video of completed exterior church paint project:


By appointment only, please call the office at 510-843-2244 or email Fr. Kenneth at this link

Adoration and Benediction

Suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Daily Mass

Indoor Masses have been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For information on COVID-19, please visit these pages:

Diocese of Oakland's COVID-19 resource page
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



"To you, O Blessed Joseph, we come in our trials, and having asked the help of your most holy Spouse, we confidently ask your patronage also.

Through the Sacred bond of charity which united you to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God and through the fatherly love with which you embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg you to look graciously upon the beloved inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by His blood, and to aid us in our necessities with your power and strength.

O most provident guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ. Most beloved Father, dispel the evil of falsehood and sin.

Our most mighty protector, graciously assist us from heaven in our struggle with the powers of darkness. And just as once you saved the Child Jesus from mortal danger, so now defend God's Holy Church from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity.

Shield each one of us by your constant protection, so that, supported by your example and your help, we may be able to live a virtuous life, to die a holy death, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven. Amen."