O Virgin Mother of God, you revealed to the shepherd children at Fatima that the Lord wishes to establish in the world devotion to your Immaculate Heart; help each of us in the Diocese of Oakland to hear and follow your message.

With a mother's love you participated in the mysteries of the life, death, and resurrection of your Son, for you kept all these things and reflected on them in your Immaculate Heart.

Thus, in order to put us in living communion with Jesus through your maternal heart, you asked your children to pray the Rosary to obtain true and lasting peace in our world.

You asked for works of penance, especially for the conversion of sinners who have no one to pray for them, and for us to repair for sins by acts of sacrifice. In keeping with your request made known at Fatima, and united with all parishes in the Diocese of Oakland: We consecrate ourselves this day and always, to your Immaculate Heart.

Help us to persevere in penance and prayer for the salvation of the world, and to advance the kingdom of Christ more effectively each day. Pray for us, O Holy Virgin Mother of God, that we may be given a heart like yours, free from sin and attentive to God’s will, so that, ever faithful to His commandments, we may love the Lord above all things and seek to help others in their need.

Holy Mary, Virgin of Fatima, accept this, our act of consecration. As a sign of our unity in this prayer, and with renewed gratitude for your maternal presence, we join our voices to those of all generations who call you blessed, as together we pray: Hail Mary, full of grace...